charles300311-hpGigantCat Prince Charming

Born: 07. December 2009
Colour: Blue silver classic tabby/white
Sire: GigantCat Rumpelteazer
Dam: GigantCat Jennifer McFly


Charles has now been neutered, he has made a few litters. Vi have kept Norma and Adrian from him, and his daughter Gloria is living with SabreCats.
Charles was suposed to find a new home after he was neutered. But the day he had been neutered he ran out of his cat box on the way home from the vet. He ran away and he was gone for 23 days, the longest 23 days in our lives.
After he came home again, it was clear that he was OUR cat and he had to stay here. He din’t trust strangers. So he is staying home and is enjoying being “uncle” to all kittens 🙂

Negativ for MyBPC3 from parents
HCM scan: Normal 28.02.2011